Discover the power of Rebirthing to manifest the life of your dreams

Unravel negative repetitive patterns and become the conscious creator of your life

Experience immediately noticeable transformations in yourself and your relationships


This 5-day workshop will take you on a journey through the structure of the mind and the realm of the emotions to arrive at an empowered place, where you will find the real freedom to create the life you want.

While we may intuitively know that our mind has enormous creative potential, thanks to the power of the subconscious, in our daily lives we often layer over this potential with our emotional wounds, traumas, and negative belief systems that hinder us from manifesting our deepest desires. Often these obstacles are formed from patterns established in early childhood, which we are poorly equipped to recognize and transcend. In fact, it is frequently the case that we have almost no conscious awareness of these patterns at all.

Rebirthing is a process whereby we work through our patterns, using both theory and practical techniques, in sessions that build progressively throughout the workshop. This process induces deep purification and ultimately, very individualized and transformational results.

If you have been applying yourself to positive personal development without success, you may begin to blame various factors: lack of insight or intelligence, not being worthy enough, not wanting it enough, or maybe even that fate is stacked against you. However, the real reason you have not already attained what you desire is because you are keeping yourself in a vibrational holding pattern that does not match the vibration of your desire. That is the only reason – ever! In other words you are holding on to limiting thoughts. As long you hold on to limiting thoughts, you resist beauty, expansion, well-being, joy, and what you truly wish for at the soul level.

The rebirthing methodology seeks to bring us face-to-face with our challenges and to unravel the repetitive negative patterns in our lives, most of which we adopted into our “emotional blueprint” in the developing years of our early childhood. Becoming conscious of these patterns and the energetic connection between the child and the adult self is the first step to making changes.




Cut to the Case

Using a process she calls “Cut to the Case,” workshop facilitator Chandra Andrea Polyak guides participants to gradually release their resistance (in the form of thought patterns and emotional blockages) to the life they wish to realize in order to enter the space necessary to truly manifest that personal vision. Both daily sessions will involve theory and practice and will be supplemented with fasting, mauna (sacred silence), ritual, purification ceremonies, and group work.

I was surprised at how deep this rebirth process took me. It unearthed forgotten and suppressed issues, emotional lockdowns, and aided me to recognize, confront and finally release these concerns. Andrea provides a professional and caring approach, combining competency and support. The experience leads me without hesitation to recommend both her and this healing as a means of self-discovery and ultimately a return to wholeness.” – Client testimonial (anonymous)

Become the Conscious Creator

This workshop will present two phases of approach: first, the necessary awareness drawn from triggering the mind and emotional body, becoming aware of our limiting thoughts, and activating self-destructive or unhelpful patterns. Next, practical techniques and breathwork are incorporated into the process. Chandra is then able to bring forth the supporting energy and trance-like group atmosphere which profoundly support opened and expanded states. In those states, it is possible to understand whole chains of events, the sequencing of emotional wounds and dysfunction, and the integral nature of the being, providing participants with the ability to grasp the basis for emotional healing and to enable their own transformation.

"For me this work has truly been the greatest gift! It has been so powerful that I feel a heavy veil of illusion, through which I have perceived my life so far, has been lifted. I have been able to release emotional pain and patterns that I have lived with for so long I thought they were me!” – Client testimonial (anonymous)

This transformation is almost immediately noticeable, as:

  • better physical health
  • changes for the better in relationships
  • increased self-confidence, determination, and power
  • dissolution of repetitive situations and negative patterns
  • more success and creativity
  • more conscious awareness

This experience was truly life-changing for me. Andrea helped me through the process in a very kind and soothing way. I felt absolutely secure and well supported.” – Client testimonial (anonymous)

This workshop is the first week of the 3-week Rebirthing Practitioner training. Students who complete the workshop may choose to continue with weeks 2 and 3 to become Rebirthing Practitioners.

Instructor: Chandra Polyak

Learn more about her complete offerings here: Unlimited You, Tantric Rebirth


Chandra Andrea Polyak has been a rebirthing practitioner for more than 10 years and a coach for the last five, embracing methodologies that facilitate mental and emotional purification. She is guided in her work by an exceptional level of intuition and uses her analytical disposition to support clients in realizing how mental patterns are created by emotional experience. During therapeutic sessions, Chandra uses her background in transpersonal psychology to understand the underlying issues, combining methods to illuminate the connections between thoughts and emotional experiences, and ultimately to release disempowering patterns.


Training history:

  • 2000-2003: Parapsychology studies, Mantra College
  • 2002-2004: Transpersonal Psychology and Breathwork Institute, Hungary (Budapest)
  • 2011: Rebirthing Breathwork Training, India (Bombay)
  • 2011: Rebirthing Breathwork Professional Training, USA (Virginia)
  • 2012: Rebirthing Breathwork Professional Training, USA (Virginia)
  • 2013: Rebirthing Breathwork Professional Training, Germany (Bonn)
  • 2013: Liberation Breathing: Loving Relationships Training, Hungary (Budapest)  
  • 2014: Liberation Breathing: Advanced Training, Hungary (Budapest)

Prices, Dates and Bookings

8 - 12 October 2018

Teacher: Chandra Polyak

Venue: Green Hall

  • Early bird discount (Expires 2018-10-01) - 11500 THB
  • Full Price - 11500 THB
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