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1-Day Hridaya Workshop
The Hridaya Meditation Workshop is a unique and approachable meditation experience that integrates Advaita Vedanta, Sufism, Tantra, and Buddhism. The practice focuses on accessing our essential nature, the divine, supreme Self, through an artful integration of meditation and Hatha Yoga techniques.
Agama Astrology Group
Agama Astrology Group is your weekly chance to explore real-life, real-time, and practical applications of the zodiac. Each session will consist of a lecture and group discussion. Lectures will focus on particular aspects of astrology theory such as exploring the nature of the signs, stars, planets, and houses.
Agama Healing Workshops

This Wednesday series is intended to bring Therapeutic Yoga into the lives of everyone in our community, one practical step at a time on numerous subjects. We will approach a new topic every other week, aiming to reach a deeper understanding of various issues, all of which have relevance to improved health under the umbrella of Yoga Therapy.

Art of Dying Workshop

Learn to understand your own death and its significance, as well as to support loved ones through this transition with spiritual purpose and compassion. Agama draws on the famed Tibetan Bardo Thodol and both modern and Yogic resources to help participants approach death with fearlessness.

Essence of Tantra

Explore Tantric spirituality and experience why Tantra is a unique “life-embracing” approach to spirituality. Students will learn both theoretical and practical elements to understand how to use sexuality as a spiritual path.

Evolving Through Tantra

Dive into the world of Tantra and discover the magic of working together with your partner to build a truly spiritual, sexual relationship. Using the chakra system we bring awareness to limiting beliefs regarding sexuality and start taking steps to overcome them, refining sexuality.

Mahavidya Yoga Series
In the Mahavidya Yoga Series, you will gain a complete understanding of each of the 10 fundamental forces, energies, and building blocks of the universe in which we exist; each represented by a exquisite and pristine cosmic goddesses.
Metaphysics Workshop

What is spirituality and why do we do spiritual practice? Many students who start on the Yogic path may not have a clear idea of the ultimate goal of practice. This workshop addresses the big picture and the biggest questions in life, giving a clear understanding of why we are here and why we practice.

Rebirthing Fundamentals

Gain awareness of negative thought patterns and use breathwork to release unhelpful beliefs. Learn the techniques to help you move beyond blockages into a place of emotional healing and transformation, as you emerge the conscious creator of your life.

Tantra of Relationships

Discover the different ways of being with someone you love or others you would love to love. Learn to cultivate Tantric relationships and profound intimacy in a couple. Men, women, couples and singles will rediscover what love is and its profound transformative power to enliven a relationship.

Taste of Tantra

Explore Tantric spirituality in a condensed format and experience why Tantra is a unique, life-embracing approach compared to more mainstream, ascetic, and repressive spiritual traditions. Students will learn both the theory and practice required to incorporate sexuality as part of the spiritual path.

Yoga & Psychotherapy Training

Yoga & Psychotherapy brings together the best of Yoga with the most progressive psychotherapeutic practices in an exciting new offering which is at the forefront of psycho-spiritual practice. This ‘inner work’ will take participants deep into their emotional and mental bodies.

Advanced Astrology
In this workshop we explore the significance of the four primary points in an astrological chart: the Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven and the Nadir.
Astrology - Divination and Relationships

In this workshop, we take our understanding of astrology to the next level - advanced horoscope. We will explore the power of predictive astrology for the divination of the past present and future and relationship astrology for understanding our karmic connections and compatibilities. 

Astrology in Tantric Yoga
Astrological and planetary influences are explained in a Yogic way, from the standpoint of the seven chakras, five bodies (koshas), five basic elements, and other such technical concepts from Tantric spirituality.
Complete Femininity
This eight-day, women-only workshop is dedicated to the study of the Tantric vision of female spiritual seekers in the 21st century. Participants will explore their relationship to the feminine through both theory and practice.
Conscious Conception

Prepare your body, mind and emotions for becoming a parent. Learn how to invite and connect with the soul of your new baby. Explore important parenting topics before making that commitment together

Healthy Living With Yoga

Experience first-hand the powerful effects of Yoga on the physical, emotional, and mental planes of your being. In this intensive immersion retreat, we will explore through practice all the major aspects of Yoga Therapy and reach a more profound understanding of our innate self-healing mechanisms.

Horoscopes in Tantric Astrology
Tantric Astrology, traditionally taught in the Kundalini Program at Agama, has been shown to be a potent aid in self-transformation. In this workshop, Swami Vivekananda has brought together teachings from esoteric and yogic astrology so all pupils can benefit from them even at early stages of study in Yoga.
Introduction to Sanskrit
Study the language of the Deva's in this exceptional course and come to an understanding of the grammar and metaphysics behind this ancient systerm.
Invoking Angels

Discover the structure of the subtle universe, as described by Hinduism, Buddhism, Gnosticism, Kabbalah, and esoteric Christianity, with their various planes of consciousness and classes of spirits and entities.

Kashmiri Shaivism Study Group
The KS Study Group is for those who are interested in furthering their knowledge of the Shaivism of Kashmir. Meetings are led by a senior Agama teacher and last approximately 2 hours. They include reading from shaiva texts, discussion, Q&A and meditation. 
Kashmiri Shaivism Workshop
Kashmiri Shaivism is considered the highest, most exclusive, and most transcendent Yoga, representing a fundamental outlook on the universe. The first steps on this path are practices that are already advanced. This course represents a rare, accessible presentation of Kashmiri Shaivism and provides extensive theoretical explanation as well as practical exercises, involving a great deal of spiritual transmission and initiation.
Mystical Dance Workshop
Dance is the hidden language of the soul ... a moving method of self-expression and self-discovery, revealing our own innate mystery and union with the Universe. Mystical Dance® strives to open a window for the modern seeker to embrace dance as one of the many beautiful tools for re-kindling our inner radiance
Nadi Healing Touch Practitioner Training


Nadi Healing Touch reveals how we can consciously move the energy of another person through touch, using a combination of Yogic techniques, Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Thai Traditional Medicine, martial arts and ayurvedic principals. This training includes a complete 60-hour professional Thai Massage course curriculum and Thailand government-recognised certification. Please note that the 15-hour Nadi Healing Touch Workshop is a prerequisite for this training

Nadi Healing Touch Workshop
Nadi Healing Touch reveals how we can consciously move the energy of another person through touch, using the combination of yogic techniques, Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Thai Traditional Medicine, martial arts and ayurvedic principals.
Parapsychology 1
The term "parapsychology" is generally credited as being the scientific study of the paranormal or of extraordinary phenomena. In this workshop we will emphasize topics such as clairvoyance and related abilities, astral projection, and radionics.
Parapsychology 2
Explore practical methods for awakening the Kundalini, attaining clairvoyance, and developing a photographic Memory.
Parapsychology 3
Developing Absolute Control of the Subconscious Mind to Create the Destiny of Your Dreams. Explore practical methods to harness the power of the subconscious mind for the purposes of actualizing ourselves toward complete fulfilment.
Raja Yoga
Raja Yoga, which literally means the Royal Union, is a branch of yoga which relies almost solely on the power of the mind. In this workshop we will employ the use of self-suggestion, hypnosis and self-hypnosis to unlock the hidden potential of our subconscious mind.
Sanskrit 3 Sacred Geometry

Study the language of the Deva's in this exceptional course and come to an understanding of the sacred geometry behind this ancient system.

Shakti Bliss

Students will discover a safe space to talk about womanhood and sexuality and explore previously neglected corners of our lives. We will learn to mirror each other to let our light shine through and reveal our inner goddess.

Tibetan Yoga
Originally developed from Indian Yoga and exported across the Himalayas to the snowy kingdom of Tibet, Tibetan Yoga has assumed its own path and characteristics through the centuries. Discover the power of Tumo, Pho-wa, Maha Mudra and more in this exceptional workshop.
Vira Training
There are very few examples of strong yet harmonious masculinity in today’s society. With the aim of greater polarity and, at the same time, deeper spiritual connection between men and women, we teach men to hold this strong masculine presence with intelligence and compassion.
Way of the Vira
According to Tantra, the Masculine is one of the two fundamental polar energies that create and sustain our Universe. The Masculine principle provides direction, verticality, and consciousness. When applied to a human being, it is exemplified by the concept of “Vira”, or the spiritual hero: this is the model male typology for the tantric practitioner. In this workshop, we will explore the different aspects of this Masculine archetype.
Yoga and Science
This workshop is an introduction to the biological processes of the human structure, with a particular focus on the brain. It’s objective is to offer a glimpse into how modern discoveries about our body can help us better understand the peculiarities of our life.
Yoga Nidra, Lucid Dreaming, Tantric Visualization

Learn to expand your consciousness beyond preconceived limitations, and delve into the realms of Nidra Yoga, Lucid Dreaming and Tantric Visualization.

Yoga of Perfect Accomplishment
This workshop is designed to help you achieve your life goals. You will learn about goal setting according to Yoga principles, and study techniques and methods to achieve them.
Yogic Chiropractic Workshop
During his youth, Swami Vivekananda was initiated in the healing methodology of Chiropractic. From the Greek, it is called "surgery without knife", which allows practitioners to deal with bones, tendons, muscles, internal organs, and various physiological functions of the body in very creative and natural ways.
Yogic Healing
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