In considering whether or not to enroll for the Shakti Spirit ® Teacher Training Course, let it be emphasized that there is an extensive quantity of dance movement and women’s development material condensed into a four-week, 150-hour training course. Please do not underestimate the mental and physical demands that will be placed on participants. We ask that you seriously evaluate your levels of physical, psychological, and spiritual maturity before enrolling in this course. Also, please only apply if you truly feel you can benefit from this.

Also, again please note that this course is absolutely unique in the array of theory topics and dance styles covered in such a condensed period. There is no way nor expectation that participants will learn, let alone master, any one of these subjects fully. Rather the course is designed so that participants receive tools and experiences to tap into the essence of the teachings and incorporate these into her own life and sharings.

Please read the following statements. By checking the signature box on the application form, an applicant signifies that she has read, understood, and agreed to accept the terms set forth.

The Shakti Spirit ® TTC is structured with the best intentions toward helping me become a successful Shakti Spirit ® teacher, and extensive consideration has been put into the schedule and methodology presented. I commit to do my best to participate according to the course structure. If I have specific personal needs, Yogic or otherwise, I will discuss them with a Shakti Spirit ® administrator in a timely manner.

By virtue of being an intensive program, the Shakti Spirit ® TTC may raise personal issues or shortcomings. The program is meant to encourage personal growth and, therefore, may impel considerable changes in attitude. For these reasons, the SSTTC can be challenging and demanding. I accept responsibility for all aspects of my behavior during this program.

Adherence to punctuality and attendance are primary factors in the success of the SSTTC. I accept responsibility for being on time to all program sessions. I understand that active, regular attendance in the program is required to receive the Shakti Spirit ® teaching certificate. Any questions around my participation should be discussed with the Shakti Spirit ® TTC teacher and administrators. Up to 2 days of absence in total from the course is excused. If there are documented, medical emergencies, additional days off may be allowed, but this will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

The course will be taught in English and a good working knowledge of the English language is necessary.

There will be many opportunities for practice, study, and other activities at the school. I accept responsibility for managing my time, diet, and personal relationships in ways which support my full participation and attendance in the SSTTC.

Shakti Spirit ® students come from a variety of countries and backgrounds. In order to create a supportive environment, I assume responsibility for maintaining an attitude of respect toward my colleagues in the course. If any interpersonal difficulties or conflicts arise, I pledge to seek the advice of the Shakti Spirit ® TTC teacher and administrators.

Shakti Spirit ® offers spiritual teachings outside the parameters of any one specific practice or religion. The SSTTC raises issues that are metaphysical in nature, concepts and theories that may challenge my personal belief system. I agree to keep an open mind, and to exercise common sense, discernment, and a balanced attitude in order to fully appreciate the teachings offered.

Shakti Spirit® is a Tantric system. In the SSTTC, there will be teachings that address the Tantric view of sexuality, along with other esoteric and mystical issues. There will also be meditation exercises and rituals involving men. However, there is no explicit sexual instruction or practice offered as part of the SSTTC. Any personal interest in this subject may be pursued through Agama Yoga’s regular courses of study and workshops at a later date. I assume responsibility for my own mature attitude toward this aspect of the Shakti Spirit® teachings and pledge to be respectful toward my colleagues in the Shakti Spirit® program and the Agama Yoga community.

The Shakti Spirit® certificate acknowledges the successful completion of the 150-hour program. Graduates are certified to share the Shakti Spirit® teachings within the parameters and spirit of how the program was taught. I accept to use discretion and respect with engaging the Shakti Spirit® name and curriculum, and understand that within the Agama Yoga, Koh Phangan, Thailand community itself, the only Shakti Spirit® programs offered are either by Monika Nataraj or pre-approved short teaching practicums. Within Koh Phangan, Thailand, I fully accept to follow the parameters of sharing this work so as not to compromise nor overlap with the Shakti Spirit® curriculum and workshops offered by Monika Nataraj. Further details on this will be shared in the SSTTC.

There will be formal photos and videos taken at different times during the SSTTC to be used by Monika Nataraj for promotional and archival purposes. A select number of these photos will be available for SSTTC graduates to use, within the parameters of crediting the photographer and clearly noting that these images are from the SSTTC.

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