Shakti Spirit ® holds very high standards for its program and future teaching staff. There is a selection process that applies to each level of the course. Students are expected to earn a positive final teaching evaluation based on attendance, relative mastery of the materials presented, teaching abilities, and general participation in the course. The first 10-days of the SSTTC constitute a semi-trial period, during which all SSTTC participants will be evaluated with emphasis given to their levels of enthusiasm, dedication, and aspiration. At the end of this period, a decision will be made as to whether or not students have demonstrated the necessary qualities to successfully complete the SSTTC. A detailed account of additional Shakti Spirit® program expectations for students is found in the Terms of Agreement. An evaluation will be made such that if the Shakti Spirit ® program decides after the first 10-days of the program that a student is not fit to become a teacher in this tradition, SSTTC Administration will refund two-thirds of the tuition fees. No refunds will be given after this point in the program.

If a student was extended a course discount based on past participation of approved Workshops or if she is an Agama Yoga teacher, the refund amounts will be adjusted accordingly to reflect the percentage of fees actually paid.

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