Discover the power and mystery of dance and movement as gateways for self-development and spiritual transformation. The Mystical Dance ® Teacher Training Course is a unique opportunity for women to immerse themselves in a six-week, 200-hour intensive program weaving together sacred dance, ritual, Tantric theory, meditation, and self-discovery. Body and spirit unite as we dive deeply into everyday tools for empowerment and catalyze the Divine Feminine within. See the poster .

Whether you aspire to teach the Mystical Dance® techniques or simply desire a sacred space to explore your Shakti potential, this intensive may be just right for you. While previous formal dance training is not required, you should already embrace movement as a method for knowing oneself and the Universe.

Mystical Dance® begins where regular technical dance instruction ends. It is about dancing from the inside out. Stretching beyond the illusion of the apparent beautiful outer form, we begin to recognize the consciousness and Truth that moves us All.

The approach to the course is holistic and expansive – from the secrets of energy work, to the role of dance in rites of passage, to experiencing exercises for self-expression and empowerment. It is all here for you…and you will learn how to share this joyful magic with others!



The course will cover a vast number of inter-related topics: some elements are very specific to sacred dance traditions and techniques and others fall within the broad category of mystical self-discovery and teaching methodology.

  • Dance and movement exploration topics include:
  • Ritual belly dance
  • Goddess Invocation Dance
  • Sufi whirling
  • Chakra and Five Elements Dance
  • Trance and blessing dance
  • Archetypes in dance
  • Polarity dance (Shiva/Shakti exploration)
  • Prayer Dance

Some specific subtopics include sacred shapes and energy activation through movement, dancing with props including veils and candles, executing a drum solo, fusion belly dance (such as Bollywood belly dance and Egyptian cabaret), modern and classical temple dance, use of mudras and symbols, dancing through the senses, shamanism and dance, igniting and subliming the creative energy through dance, and much more! Participants will learn many preset dances, and also how to improvise and to choreograph routines.

The course is designed for beginner- to intermediate-level dancers – no previous formal dance training is required although it is always helpful for teaching. Women with no experience finish with a fantastic foundation on which to continue their dance exploration, and both newcomers and more advanced dancers alike leave with a broader and deeper understanding of the complex facets of dance as a mystical art form.

"Dance until you shatter yourself." – Rumi

Mystical and self-discovery topics include:

  • Transfiguration
  • Power of ritual and synchronizing with astrological moments
  • Presence and surrender in dance
  • Mystical beauty
  • Meditation and visualization techniques for dancers
  • Journal writing and sacred photography
  • Techniques for igniting and subliming the sexual energy through dance, including the secrets of jade egg practices
  • Sharing circles
  • Balancing yin and yang energies

“ And the day came where the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” –Anais Nin

Teacher training methodology topics include:

  • How to plan and structure classes and workshops
  • Compassionately “holding space” for participants
  • Icebreakers, meditations, and exercises
  • Warm-ups and cool downs
  • Selecting music and props
  • Levels of mastery and continuing education
  • Teaching ethics
  • Introduction to marketing and public relations

There will be a few formal performance opportunities as part of the training which is a highlight of the Mystical Dance® transformational process. In the course, we will explore aspects of performance methodology including costuming, themes, setting the mood, presence and expression, and publicly sharing Mystical Dance®. The dances are rehearsed– and as we view the event as an “offering” from the heart and move in a transfigured state of being – magically, everyone looks like a “goddess-come-to-life” on stage. The results of past Mystical Dance® manifestations have been astonishing ... no one can believe how quickly the groups pick up the choreographies and how stunning, unique, and radiant each woman appears. Experience the profound inspiration of dancing the Divine into existence!


As to maintain a sacred environment, participation is limited to 26 attendees. As this extremely popular Teacher Training Course consistently sells out, it is strongly recommended that you complete the registration process upon posting of course date(s).  



Monika Nataraj is the creator of the Mystical Dance ® program and co-founder of the Agama Yoga branch in Dharamsala, India. She annually leads dance, Tantra, and Yoga workshops and intensive courses throughout Asia, Europe, and North America, and has brought Mystical Dance ® to 20 countries and to more than a thousand women across the globe.

In 1999, honoring the call of her soul, Monika left her life in New York City as a successful corporate executive by day and professional belly dancer by night, and set off for Asia on a 2.5 year quest for “Truth.” Everything shifted profoundly for her when she began studying with Swami Vivekananda and Agama Yoga at the end of 2000, and there was no turning back. Monika completed the formal 42-month Agama program in 2006 and has continued to dedicate the past decade to the inner journey of discovering the mysteries of the Self.

Monika is a Core Faculty member of the esteemed Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY (USA), where she teaches Mystical Dance ® and Tantra. In addition to weaving her experiences as a professional belly dancer and Yoga teacher within her work, Monika has studied and performed Gurdjieff Sacred Movements, Sufi whirling, and Odissi temple dance (classical Indian dance). She also leads sacred dance journeys to mystical sites.

Prices, Dates and Bookings

5 Feb - 17 Mar 2018

Teacher: Monika Nataraj

Venue: Green Hall

Hours: See main schedule

Please note that TOTAL PRICE of each course consists of Deposit + Tuition (Early Bird Price -OR - Full Course Price)
  • Deposit - 10000 THB
  • Early bird discount (Expires 2017-12-05) - 104000 THB
  • Full Tuition - 110000 THB
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