Kristiina Viires

Teaching Title 1: Instructor / Yoga Parichaya
Country: Estonia

Kristiina grew up in Tallinn, Estonia. Her mother’s bookshelf and interesting dinners provided the first inspiration to start listening, learning, and searching about different spiritual topics. Kristiina was deeply fascinated by ancient cultures, especially those from India. In her early 20’s, a few books about Tantra fell into her hands, leading to the beginnings of her deep interest in the subject. However, she was too shy to share or practice it, and so postponed it.
In 1998, Kristiina became a mother to a beautiful boy. Motherhood opened her to much more understanding about life, self-awareness and connection to her feminine essence. She also finished her university studies with a BA in Marketing and Advertising and worked in advertising for many years.

Years passed and Kristiina was not satisfied with her life. Her wake-up call came through a spinal injury which left her in bed for a few months. This opened her eyes and she started her search for peace, harmony and a meaningful life. In 2009, she participated in the first Tantra 1 and 2 Workshops. These teachings deeply touched her soul and it was clear to her that she had found what she was looking for.
Kristiina traveled to Agama Yoga Thailand in 2010 and within a month her life completely changed. She returned in 2011 to attend the Agama Teacher Training Course and has returned every year to continue her studies.

The teachings of Agama have had a transformational impact on Kristiina’s life. Feeling strong in her path, she finds great joy in sharing these teachings in her weekly Yoga classes in Tallinn, Estonia. She wants to express her deepest gratitude to Swami Vivekananda Saraswati, to Ananda Maha and to all her teachers for sharing these transformational teachings and for their inspiration and support.

And yet, Kristiina’s greatest teacher has been Love.

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