Ben, born under the star sign of Cancer, grew up in Eastern Holland in a mid-sized town. As a very young boy, big existential questions occupied his mind: “Why are we here? How big is the Universe? What is it made of?” He never found any real answers although he kept searching, seeking fulfillment in philosophy, nightlife, his career, and relationships....

In 2006 Ben had no interest in Yoga whatsoever. However, all of that changed instantly when he discovered Agama in early 2007. Swept away by the experience of energy moving and drawn to the strong lectures, his spiritual quest revived. He realized that his calling was this path of spiritual Yoga.

Upon returning to Holland, he integrated a Yoga lifestyle into his day-to-day life. He joined a 10-day Vipassana retreat and grew more and more interested in meditation.

In 2009 he graduated from the Agama Yoga Teacher Training Course and is now a Yoga teacher holding classes in Amsterdam. Ben is an empathic and caring teacher with the ability to take his classes into a deep meditative state. His love of teaching is strong and growing, and he is grateful for this opportunity to share the power and joy of Yoga with his students.

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