Shakti Group is a special Tantric training group for women only, open to students in Level 2+. The group meets monthly on the first Sunday of each cycle from 14:00-16:00 in Shakti Hall.

Although the exact nature of the group’s activities is kept veiled to mirror the exquisite feminine mysteries, we explore subjects such as transfiguration of self and others, sexuality and human manifestation as understood through the chakras and their levels of consciousness, rites of passage - challenging ourselves to reach our potential, understanding the Cosmic Power (Tantric goddess) archetypes, dance as sacred expression, etc. 

Opportunities to get involved in other community activities, such as special tapas and festivals, are also announced in the meetings.

Note that there is a registration fee of 200 THB per meeting that must be paid in advance, either at Registration (which closes at 17:00 on Saturday) or online. Please bring a receipt of payment to show to the facilitator.

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