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The Third Eye Retreat is led by Agama Title 5 teacher Dharmananda, a highly accomplished meditator who has done thousands of hours of practice at the level of ajna chakra. Swami Vivekananda will additionally lead two hours of sessions daily, supporting those in attendance by personally answering questions, providing guidance, and practicing together with participants.

Read here as Swami Vivekananda explains the importance of continuously strengthening your personal ajna practice, and the tools this retreat retreat provides in achieving this:

The Significance of the Third Eye in Spiritual Practice

Written on June 8th, 2016.

By Swami Vivekananda

How would you like to see a tenfold improvement in your Yoga practice? Most yogis and yoginis would jump at the chance to find a magical elixir which would deliver such results. In fact, the key to such a feat is already at hand and available to anyone with the willingness to make the effort. It is: Add some solid practice on ajna chakra to your life.

Every once in a while, Agama features a very special event highlighting the third eye in the chakra system – ajna chakra, the locus of wisdom beyond perception. This “mental command center” governs all the chakras below it and is correlated with clairvoyance, great intelligence, focus and mental control, powerful insight, extraordinary mental powers and siddhi-s, and enlightenment itself. During Agama’s Third Eye Retreat, participants have the opportunity to immerse themselves deeply into this level of practice, potentially experiencing mental accomplishment during the retreat itself as a result of the profound absorption at this level.

In fact, the third eye – or third eye of Shiva – is the most emblematic spiritual method of India and Tibet. Every single significant spiritual path of Yoga refers to it and uses its energy for spiritual awakening. The Bhagavad-Gita mentions it, the Yoga Sutra-s of Patanjali highlight it, the Upanishads list it, Tantric Yoga texts praise it, modern guru-s like Yogananda Paramahamsa rely on it, Kriya Yoga incorporates its practice, and the whole of Raja Yoga builds on it. In addition, many modern practices including NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and self-help regimes indirectly use its power.

Here at Agama your retreat experience will demonstrate the scientific lowdown of this remarkable level of consciousness, with typically splendid clarity and practical efficiency. Working with the third eye will make your Yoga practice the real deal – it will literally give your practice a tenfold improvement.


This unique meditation retreat presents special techniques from Indian and Tibetan Yoga for the opening and energizing of the third eye (also called ajna chakra), as an alternative pathway for access to divine spiritual reality.

Both The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and The Bhagavad Gita present the third eye as one of the great solutions for the spiritual emancipation of the human being. Many Yoga traditions refer to the third eye as a chakra (one of the seven energy centers in the body) that confers states of enlightenment. Both the Indian and Tibetan yogis have created techniques for developing the third eye and achieving spiritual realization through it.  

During this retreat, attention, energy and spiritual effort will be continuously directed toward the third eye.

Our approach will include:

  • Body-centered techniques and Hatha Yoga
  • Pranayama (breathing exercises)
  • Mudras and bandhas (special Yoga techniques)
  • Visualization
  • Mantras (Yoga of sound resonance)
  • Music meditation
  • The use of emotions
  • Other traditional methods  

During this retreat you can expect to immerse yourself fully in this fascinating practice of the third eye, the seat of both spiritual realization and great mental accomplishments.

Retreat hours are daily- 08:00-12:00 & 16:00-20:00.



Cultivate aspiration and achieve a deep understanding of an authentic Yogic path.

Led by Senior Agama Teachers: Muktananda, and Dharmananda

 The Yogic Metaphysics Fusion combines Agama's Metaphysics Workshop, and The Third Eye Intensive Practice.

Prices, Dates and Bookings

22 - 29 July 2018
Venue: Shiva Hall
  • Early bird discount (Expires 2018-07-15) - 6000 THB
  • Full Price - 6500 THB
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