Agama Healing Classes & Workshops

This Wednesday series is intended to bring Therapeutic Yoga into the lives of everyone in our community, one useful step and insight at a time on numerous subjects. We will approach a new topic every other week, aiming to deepen our understanding and impart a practical grasp of various issues, all of which have relevance to improved health under the umbrella of Yoga Therapy. Each class will address specific objectives within an introductory framework on that subject; several of these subjects are explored in more depth during our one-day workshops, held on alternate Wednesdays. Workshop's will include theory and practical exercises related to the given topic, as well as group activities.

Classes are 1.5 hours. Please check the individual classes for starting times

Workshop hours are 12:30-15:30 and 17:00-20:00


Arthritis and Yoga

Danielle offers her own personal story of a life with arthritis and details her path from stress and anxiety toward deep healing and relaxation. Discover the tools and relief that Yoga Therapy can offer with regard to arthritis, stress, and pain management.

Upcoming: 15 April
Sacred Healing Massage

Many women feel pain during intercourse, while others don’t feel anything at all or simply have never allowed themselves to experience pleasure from deep within. Awaken into your full potential as a woman and discover the feminine way! We will talk about how women’s healing massage can support and strongly influence the blossoming of her flower.

Upcoming: 1 April


Depression in Yoga Therapy

Learn about how depression influences our everyday lives, the role it can play in our identity, and the different ways we experience it according to Ayurvedic temperaments (guna-s). Are you not able to sleep? Do you keep yourself busy from morning to night and find no time to rest? Do you feel heavy and with no motivation to do anything at all? All of these behaviors can be manifestations of depressive behavior and can be addressed through Yoga Therapy. Discover the “breath of joy” and a deeper understanding of your emotional nature.

Upcoming: 22 April
Forever Young

Experience first-hand the powerful effects of Yoga Therapy on the physical, emotional, and mental planes of your being. In this intensive immersion retreat, we will explore practically all the major aspects of Yoga Therapy and reach a more profound understanding of our innate self-healing mechanisms.

Upcoming: 2 - 6 March
Healthy Conscious Breathing

Normally, breathing patterns reflect the mind’s activity, but in Yoga we use conscious breathing to quiet the mind, which improves overall health. Breathing in prescribed yogic ways can calm down the heart and mind, while other agitating breath patterns have been shown to lead to panic attacks even in healthy people if they are sustained. Pranayama techniques have been largely used in the medical rehabilitation of chronic asthma, but this is far from being their only benefit. Discover a new way of breathing!

Upcoming: 25 March
Self-Help Through Homeopathy and Yoga

This inspired workshop distills Ananda Maha’s more than decade of study and practice of homeopathy and brings its very practical application to daily life in the context of Yoga Therapy. Learn to empower the self-healing mechanisms of the body, remove the root causes of disease, efficiently prevent illness, and vibrantly boost health naturally.

Upcoming: 16 - 20 March
Sleeping in a Healthy Way

In this one-day workshop you will learn about the different reasons for and challenges in curing insomnia, sleeplessness, and non-restorative sleep, including addressing such issues as waking up during the night or too early in the morning, not feeling refreshed after sleep, and an inability to fall asleep. If you want to find out more about the yogic approach to sleep and its healing effects on the body and nervous system, join this interactive and informative event.

Upcoming: 8 April
Weight Balance with Yoga

Is your weight constantly up and down? Having problems finding the balance in your life, lifestyle, and habits? Amandine has the knowledge and training to support you along the way and share personal experience and knowledge. Come and join this one-day adventure! It will be definitely be fun, joyful, and light in its approach.

Upcoming: 11 March
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