Agama Healing Discourses & Workshops

This Wednesday series is intended to bring Therapeutic Yoga into the lives of everyone in our community, one useful step and insight at a time on numerous subjects. We will approach a new topic every other week, aiming to deepen our understanding and impart a practical grasp of various issues, all of which have relevance to improved health under the umbrella of Yoga Therapy. Each class will address specific objectives within an introductory framework on that subject; several of these subjects are explored in more depth during our one-day workshops, held on alternate Wednesdays. Workshop's will include theory and practical exercises related to the given topic, as well as group activities.

Discourses are 1.5 hours. Please check the individual discourses for starting times

Workshop hours are 12:30-15:30 and 17:00-20:00


Learn how to be brilliant every day! Improve your concentration and mental clarity through Yoga, mindfulness, and breathing techniques.
Gain control over your heart brain and the signals that rise into your cranial brain. Become more mindful, more present, and more focused.
Upcoming: 29 April
Connect with the Body through Yoga

This short workshop aims to provide the tools to develop body and breath awareness, explore the inner focus and capacity for being present, increase curiosity and a sense of discovery, deepen trust and alertness of the senses, and expand the consciousness through the connection to the body. Theoretical knowledge is combined with short exercises that provide an opportunity to expand the awareness.

Upcoming: 13 May
Yoga and Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most special passages in a woman’s life, and yoga can play a strong supporting role in helping both mother and child. The yoga practice promotes optimum health of the body and mind, unifying a mother’s physical, emotional and spiritual growth with that of the child. Specific benefits of yoga practice during pregnancy include:

  • Improved general fitness levels
  • Relief of backache and avoidance of becoming overweight
  • Emotional stability, and a greater ability to relax and overcome fears experienced during pregnancy
  • Ability to consciously send prana – life force -- to the womb, this helps the healthy development of the child inside the womb
  • An easier delivery through greater flexibility, strength, stamina and breath control
  • Spiritual preparation for parenting
Upcoming: 23 April, 30 April, 7 May, 14 May, 21 May


Depression in Yoga Therapy

Learn about how depression influences our everyday lives, the role it can play in our identity, and the different ways we experience it according to Ayurvedic temperaments (guna-s). Are you not able to sleep? Do you keep yourself busy from morning to night and find no time to rest? Do you feel heavy and with no motivation to do anything at all? All of these behaviors can be manifestations of depressive behavior and can be addressed through Yoga Therapy. Discover the “breath of joy” and a deeper understanding of your emotional nature.

Upcoming: 22 April
Healing the Heart
Retrain the brain to think more loving thoughts while releasing old emotions stored in the body. Become more emotionally intelligent and improve your relationship to create a life-long honeymoon effect.
Learn how to attract your dream partner! Learn amazing heart-opening techniques, through heart coherence, meditation, and Yoga.
Upcoming: 20 May


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