Agama Healing Discourses & Workshops

This Wednesday series is intended to bring Therapeutic Yoga into the lives of everyone in our community, one useful step and insight at a time on numerous subjects. We will approach a new topic every other week, aiming to deepen our understanding and impart a practical grasp of various issues, all of which have relevance to improved health under the umbrella of Yoga Therapy. Each class will address specific objectives within an introductory framework on that subject; several of these subjects are explored in more depth during our one-day workshops, held on alternate Wednesdays. Workshop's will include theory and practical exercises related to the given topic, as well as group activities.

Discourses are 1.5 hours. Please check the individual discourses for starting times

Workshop hours are 12:30-15:30 and 17:00-20:00


Learn how to be brilliant every day! Improve your concentration and mental clarity through Yoga, mindfulness, and breathing techniques.
Gain control over your heart brain and the signals that rise into your cranial brain. Become more mindful, more present, and more focused.
Upcoming: 17 June
Mind Power: Yoga practices to balance your mind and improve your concentration

Wanting to harness the power of your mind? Mind Power explores concentration and focus techniques which can help with emotional and mental balance.  When we improve our concentration it also acts as a gateway to higher states of consciousness. Come and join this wonderful exploration of the Power of the Mind.

Upcoming: 1 July
The secrets of efficiently increasing your flexibility through yoga

Flexibility is one of the benefits of Yoga, but can also seem like a challenge along the way. This discourse takes a close up look at how stretching works, the principles behind safe stretching and it teaches different techniques for improving flexibility. Join this unique discourse!

Upcoming: 3 June


Anti-aging Secrets for Eternal Life

Discover the secrets of youthfulness and a rejuvenating life. Explore the importance of Yoga and purification relative to our immune system and a healthy spine. Finding your purpose in life and creating positive emotions is only one aspect of staying young and lively throughout the years. Join us to learn more about the basic longevity-enhancing capacities of your body and being.

Upcoming: 10 June
Transform Depression into Radiance with Yoga Therapy

Depression is a difficult journey. Yoga Therapy shows us new ways of viewing depression and transforming it into radiance. This workshop will explain the various types of depression and healing strategies for each. Emotional awareness skills will be developed and a practical method for transformation of depression is offered. 

Upcoming: 24 June


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