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The Agama Healing Center takes root in authentic Yogic and Ayurvedic knowledge, promoting a holistic approach towards health and personal evolution. We believe in the miracle of an inner capacity to heal and evolve.

Respecting the uniqueness of every human being, we put into practice the concept of individualized therapy by custom-tailoring programs that:

 We offer therapeutic Yoga consultations, daily Yoga classes, and weekly Wednesday workshops. Come visit!


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Please click here to view Daily Drop-in Yoga class details.


Please click here to view Daily Drop-in Yoga class details.

The Agama Healing Center also provides:


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The Agama Healing Center is Located only 100 meters from the Agama Campus.

The Agama Healing Center is open:

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Workshop hours are 12:30-15:30 (half day) or 12:30-15:30 and 17:00-20:00 (full day)

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Make Stress your friend: Yoga for healthy Stress Management
Learn to make stress work for you.Use therapeutic Yoga techniques to manage stress in your daily life. Find greater physical, emotional and mental balance.
Upcoming: 18 May
Nidra Yoga - Transformation Using Psychic Conscious Sleep

Yogic philosophy teaches that all the suffering in life is created from 3 basic tensions: muscular (the body stores past hurts and traumas), emotional (from inner personal conflict), and mental (a result of the obsessive nature of the untrained mind). Unless you are free from these tensions, you are never really relaxed. The practice of Nidra Yoga is the scientific method of removing these tensions. This powerful method induces the relaxation response, which balances the nervous and hormonal systems, efficiently treating a wide range of health and psychosomatic ailments. Experience the profound effects of psychic sleep and change your life forever.

Upcoming: 25 May
Three Keys to Peak Performance

This workshop trains participants to handle stress and pressure using three keys: resilience, focus, and flow. We apply technology from Hatha Yoga, mindfulness practices, and the miracle tool of heart-rate variability to manage performance-related stress and anxiety, improve focus, and regulate the nervous system. By focusing on these three keys, participants will learn to consistently optimize performance and attain new levels of success both personally and professionally.

Upcoming: 11 May
Valley of Joy

Transform your relationship to your yoni, your source of power, in this unique workshop that focuses both on pelvic floor physiology and Tantric practices. Learn to address sexual, hormonal, and emotional disturbances imprinted in the pelvic area through therapeutic Yoga and other techniques that allow a healthy flow of creative energy to arise from this center. You’ll enjoy a colorful ride into the world of Yoga, Tantra, belly dance and ritual with yoni eggs.

This workshop is for women only.
Upcoming: 4 May