Amrita Healing Center

 Agama Yoga is very pleased to introduce our Amrita Healing Center to all in our community! It is located adjacent to our campus in Srithanu, Koh Phangan.   The Healing Center is located around 50 metres further than the carpark entry (on the right) if coming from the direction of 7-11.


After many years of dreaming and hoping, in 2008 Swami Vivekananda led a consecration and meditation with Ganesha at the official dedication ceremony and reception, and since then the center has slowly and surely grown. Currently, the center features a front reception area, consultation and treatment room.

Amrita Healing Center now offers Yogic therapy, chiropractic, and homeopathic consultation and remedies in addition to numerous alternative therapies, which may vary each season. A 260 Baht per hour user fee is asked of all patients to help the center meet its overhead expenses of rent, equipment etc; in addtion therapists have personal fees which can be inquired upon appointment.  


All therapy begins with an initial consultation by appointment with staff doctor and Center Director Dr. Mihaiela Pentiuc for medical advising in order to devise a health strategy and to coordinate therapies if necessary between multiple practitioners.


The following is a list of recently offered therapies.  These offerings may change depending on which healers are available each season, and what they choose to offer through the Center.


 For more information and scheduling, please call Amrita's nurse and coordinator: +6680 142 7177.  You may also visit the Amrita Healing Center website or email Amrita Healing.


We have identified some supply and equipment needs, and are seeking supportive individuals who wish to help with donations of any size. Large or small donations are equally appreciated for assisting us toward this very worthy goal of accessible alternative health and healing consultation and treatment for all, yogis and community members alike. We wish to thank all donors very sincerely for their generosity and care. Namaste.


Needed supplies and equipment Estimated cost
EEG machine Variable
Samadhi (flotation) tank - used €4,453
Samadhi (flotation) eco tank €2,258
Supplemental kitchen and preparation bay for herbs, formulas, potions Variable
Neurofeedback device and program Variable
Bathtub €175-330
Dry / wet sauna facility €3,200 / €2,385
Kaya kalpa retreat compound / facility Variable depending on extent of facility
Pharmacy cupboard Variable
Iridological diagnostic lamp (iriscope) / lens €1,200 / €160
Computer €600
A custom computer-programmed and designed complex natural fertility chart Unknown
Printer €40
Orgone accumulator €260
Pyramids styled of various materials (copper, etc.) Variable
Magnets and magnetic devices Variable
Zepter lamp for light and color therapy €445
Sound system for music / sound therapy €100
Rife machine €1,385
Voll meridian machine Waiting for quote
Aromatherapy devices Variable
Radionic devices Variable
Green laser (2): 100-300 mW €150 each
Any other alternative treatment devices Variable
STD testing kit Variable
Biofeedback devices Variable
Complete homeopathy kits (2) €80 each
Refrigerator for homeopathy remedies and supplies €115
Microscope €320
Outpatient treatment supplies Variable

We also welcome earmarked donations for specific items. Such contributions will be recorded with a commemoration in your name at the center or may remain anonymous. Please note your preference at the time the donation is made.

Additionally, we would love to enlarge our current premises to larger facilities and any support for the rent, leasing, or purchase of land is very welcome and appreciated.

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