Goddes Festival


8-11 May 2017

Goddess Festival Program 2017


The Goddess is alive and Her magic is aglow! Come celebrate the cosmic manifestation of Shakti in a gloriously colorful and devotional four-day gala event. In this spectacular and joyful celebration of the Divine Feminine, we will pay homage to Her creativity, infinite variety in Nature, life-giving abundance, and role as the ultimate tantric consort.

The Agama campus will host various workshops and interactive events offered by the entire Agama community as well as ritualistic worship of the divine feminine according to the tantric tradition throughout the whole festival.


Mahavidya Opening Ritual


What is here, is elsewhere. What is not here is nowhere

Visvasara tantra


Agama Yoga will celebrate the divine feminine within the campus, which manifest the beauty and abundance of Maha Shakti. Goddess Festival will bring us to the spontaneity of the presence, welcoming creativity and joy of the feminine energy into our spiritual practice and strengthen the Agama community by fostering sharing and connection.

Goddess Festival aims to:

  • Celebrate the Divine Feminine Energy; Maha Shakti
  • Experience different aspects of the feminine energy as a spiritual practice towards evolution
  • Building a stronger Agama Community by using the Agama Yoga Campus as a Temple of the Goddess bringing the yoga aspirants closer to each other

The Temple will host following activities:

  • Teachings and practices with Ten Cosmic Powers
    • Introducing the Ten Cosmic Powers: Ten wallpapers covering introductory information on the cosmic powers including their symbolic representation and yantra will be displayed accompanied by a special altar prepared for each one of them throughout the event in the Main Hall.
    • Representation of Mahavidyas: Inspired from the Shodashi Puja of Rama Krishna; there will be a ceremony of the ten cosmic Powers, where selected Shaktis will manifest the cosmic Powers. The representing Mahavidyas will prepare themselves to this ritual by performing a 21 days tapas and lead group meditations prior to the Festival to build up the energy.
  • Transfiguration of the divine feminine: The festival will host an open transfiguration ritual. During this ritual Agama students will be able to join in and meditate together with the couples performing the transfiguration.
  • Vigil for Parashakti: A full day of chanting and dancing for becoming one with the divine goddess, which will offer a special challenge to the Agama Community. Throughout these 24 hours, there has to be at least one person playing, one person chanting and one person dancing. There will also be 4 different slots allocated to take special tapas of 3 hours of non-stop dancing and 3 hours of non-stop chanting or playing an instrument.
  • Journey to the Self: Shaktis will awaken the goddess within through tapas, transfiguration, invocation and manifestation.
  • Goddess Gallery: Agama students will prepare a display of information and visuals on femininity, matriarchal cultures, symbolism of the divine feminine, which will be open for visit throughout the entire festival.
  • Offerings to the Goddess
    • Yoni puja: The entire school will be invited to perform a yoni puja following the Mahavidya Representation by offering five liquids representing the five elements will be poured over a yoni statute.
    • Goddess Offerings: Shaktis; the manifestation of the divine feminine will share their gifts and talents as offerings to the Goddess as a part of the ‘Journey to the Self’.
  • Workshops- During the event, there will be workshops offered by Agama students on related topics. There will also be a list of topics raised by Agama students and teachers to be announced to the community to look for potential facilitators. Each day will host three different types of workshops:
    • Spiritual knowledge: Sharing and discussion on spiritual practices with the feminine energy
    • Spiritual movement: Dance and movement sessions
    • Feminine, the creative: Interactive sessions for expression of the creative force of the feminine energy
  • Community building activities
    • Opening ritual and satsang: There will be an opening ritual on the campus led by Swami and Ananda Maha followed by a satsang on spiritual value of working with Maha Shakti concluded by a yin-yang meditation.
    • Chill-out corner: We would like the festival participants to stay on the campus in between events to form new friendships and connections. A special space for this purpose will be prepared which will also be open to introduce simple games and exercises for the Agama community.
    • Going into the Nature: A trip into the nature of the island open to all agamis.
    • Bhajan: Devotional singing as a community throughout the event
  • Interactive exercises celebrating the different aspects and qualities of the Goddess
    • Maze of Delight: The Main Hall will be converted into a temple hosting numerous activities hosted by the shaktis on exploring  and experienced the divine feminine energy open for the visit of all students  


Our Main Hall; Enlightenment Hall to be reserved for all activities throughout the event. Additionally all the other halls on the main campus will be used for other activities of the festival.


The event will be organized by a team of karma yogis from Vira and Shakti Groups in cooperation with Agama Yoga Karma Yoga Coordinator. Each component will have a karma yogi assigned, who will work on the organizational and financial planning with the main coordinator. According to these plans karma yogis will be involved in different tasks.

Please email mahavidya@agamayoga.com to learn how to become involved.


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