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Courses Overview
Agama courses provide full knowledge of a deep esoteric system of self-development created for those who are genuinely interested in spiritual evolution.
Course Levels
Agama offers month long course levels, in a university style curriculum. Each level builds upon the previous, as the knowledge and skill of the aspirant continues to expand.
Course Curriculum
With a university style approach Agama's curriculum is truly extensive and holistic. Divided into 4 sections it covers everything from the basics of yoga to the advanced study of Kashmiri Shaivism.
Agama Level 1 Intensive

Thousands of Yoga lovers have completed Agama's signature, Level 1 Yoga Intensive, a 150-hour course that will introduce you to the fundamentals of Yoga theory and provide you with the support to develop a strong home practice. Come grow with us.

Red Sash Retreat

The Core of Hatha Yoga

Agama’s Red Sash Retreat is a three-month journey that ascends you through the first three levels of Agama, empowering you with basic, core fundamentals of the authentic Hatha Yoga system.

Two Sash Intensive - 7 Months, Levels 2-8

The Fundamental Hatha Yoga Practice

By completing Levels 1-8 in Agama’s eight-month, Two Sash Intensive, you will acquire a complete tool-kit for a lifetime of powerful and personally transformative Hatha Yoga practice.

Agama Advanced Practice

Keep your advanced Hatha Yoga practice consistent, tuned and elevated. Practice asana, pranayama, and meditation techniques with support from an advanced teacher. Enjoy the support and heightened energy of practicing advanced Hatha Yoga as a group.

Upper Level Teachings Package - 5 Months, any 5 Levels 4-24
The Upper Level Teaching package includes 5 Yoga course levels from 4-24. The student must register for attendance at the registration office before each course level. Only 1 level per month can be attended and the levels can be taken at any time.
Daily Yoga Classes

Daily drop-in Hatha Yoga classes are 8:30am and 16:00

With two Hatha Yoga sessions open to beginners daily, come and experience our unique style of esoteric Yoga. You can even join the class for free on your first day!

Upper Level Teachings
Agama offers month-long course levels, in a university style curriculum. Each level builds upon the previous, as the knowledge and skill of the aspirant continues to expand.
Kundalini Program

More info coming soon!

Private Consultations and Classes
Agama offers private consultations and classes for students wanting personal counselling or to make-up classes missed during a course cycle.
Course Fees
Here you can find all course payments from Level 1-24. Courses run in cycles so remember to check the calendar for when your course is scheduled.
Guided Morning Meditations
Join us in the Enlightenment Hall (main Agama Hall) every Monday to Saturday at 7am for guided morning meditations. Suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. The meditations are led by experienced Agama teachers and will include Laya Yoga and meditations from the Kashmiri Shaivist tradition. A brief introduction to the technique of the day will be given before the start of the meditation.