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Good news - Thai Visa Information for Agama students

The Immigration Bureau has approved a new regulation that allows tourists to extend their stay in the kingdom by a further 30 days, effective from Aug 29.

That will mean holidaymakers from 49 countries who enter Thailand under a 30-day visa exemption can stay for 60 days. Visitors entering on the 60-day tourist visa are still eligible for the extra stay of 30 days as per normal.

The move is designed to boost tourism, said Pol Col Voravat Amornvivat, deputy commander of the bureau’s Investigation Division.

The measure will appeal to foreign travellers who want to prolong their stay in Thailand and visit other Southeast Asian countries, Pol Col Vorarat said. The extension will cost 1,900 baht.

The bureau, however, tightened up visa extension regulations for foreigners who enroll to study Thai in private language schools outside of the official school system, as well as those working in a public charity/non-profit organisation or a foreign chamber of commerce. Those affected will be granted visa extensions of 90 days but for no more than one year.

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Our purpose at Agama Yoga is to offer clear and inspiring guidance to spiritual aspirants wishing to reach the highest goal of Yoga and spirituality: Enlightenment.

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Every new student to Agama Yoga starts with the 'First Level Intensive Yoga Course'. This is a 4-week program that covers all the basics of Yoga, and introduces you to the Agama Yoga system, which teaches a Tantric form of Yoga that is energy based.  Our system is created in a way that it is perfect for beginners in Yoga, but proves just as beneficial for the experienced Yoga practitioner or teacher.  You will not only learn 20+ Asanas in detail, complete with energy flow awareness and healing benefits; but you will also receive in-depth knowledge about such specialized topics as the Yamas/Niyamas, purification, and The Five Bodies.

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More than 2,000 Yoga lovers have completed our comprehensive, retreat-like 150-hour course, which will introduce you to all the fundamentals of Yoga theory and provide you the support to develop a strong home practice. Come grow with us.... Drop-ins welcome! Also check out our Yoga Holiday Packages!  Watch a video diary about one students First Level Experience,

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Our 12-week intensive teacher training program is comprehensive and unparalleled. Our graduates are supported throughout the TTC and beyond, as they become great teachers. Join this remarkable and life-changing course!
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Join us every morning Monday to Saturday at 7am for guided meditations in the main hall on the Agama campus. Open to beginners and advanced practioners alike.

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Knower, Knowing, Known

In samadhi, only the awareness remains, as if the consciousness of objectivity disappears. Actually, the individuality of the practitioner does not disappear, but the practitioner’s mind and consciousness become one

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